Web Site Software Features

Web Site Software is not only a client-side knowledge management software but also a static web site authoring software. Instead of editing pages in a web form, you can generate professional static web sites from website templates and publish them to the Internet with a click.

Excellent “personal database” program

It’s a great way to organise all your personal notes, thoughts, tasks, recipes, memories… Nodes can be rearranged very intuitively with drag-and-drop functionality. contents can compiled to static HTML and upload to remote server with a click.

Supports Markdown markup languages

By default, articles in the Web Site Software are written using the MarkDown format. Any page is converted from markdown to html by Web Site Software. Markdown understands text formatted as it would be in an email, and is quite smart about converting it to html.

No HTML knowledge is required!

Publish your website to the internet

You can edit your content offline, then just a click and the built-in Internet Publishing (FTP) cares of the upload/update to your Web space, with automatic detection of modified pages;

Sticky posts

Editable templates

Looking for a nice design for your weblog? Go check out the many freely available templates. Installation is as easy as put new template files in templates directory!

Multiple Sites(Blogs) in one Installation

It’s all provided through a single installation and one single database. If you need a sepaated database, just instal another copy of Web Site Software to another path.

Easily Localizable

Localization is done on a per blog basis. Through just one single file you may translate in any language you like. But before you start your translation make sure it’s not already done!


Web Site Software compile contents to static html files to improve performance and keep the system load as minimal as possible make it fast and reliable even with very large and busy communites.

SEO friendly URLs

Creat your own customized URLs for SEO or to adapt your them to your language.

Clean Content

The default templates included in Web Site Software are XHTML 1.0 Strict, and so is the content generated by Web Site Software. Worried about generating correct and standard mark-up? Worry no longer!

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Web Site Software requires Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher client computer to installation, require 50MB FTP space to publishing content on the internet.

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