Quick Start Instructions

Web Site Software is easier to use than ever before, with a redesign user interface and a brand new installation wizard.

  1. Use a Web browser to connect to the Web Site Software Download page and follow instructions there to download the release file to your personal computer. Click “websitesoftware.exe” to start the install process.

  2. At the end of the installation, start “Web Site Software”.

    The main window has a tree and a text box, which are almost empty. You can add notes on the tree, and select them to edit their text.You can also delete/rename them.

  3. Click Menu: Tools, Options, Edit options to fit your needs, e.g. site name, site keyword, the nickname of default author…

  4. Edit Ftp Settings if you want to publish the content on the internet.( or use third party FTP program to upload html files to ftp server)

  5. Mouse right-click on the left tree, to popup context menu, select “New Category” or “New Entry”, “New page” to add content to your site.

  6. Mouse right-click on the tree, select “Compile total site”, “Compile Category”… to compile the published contents to HTML files.

  7. Mouse right-click on the tree, to upload compiled HTML files to your remote server.

    • Mouse right click on the free space of left hand tree, Choose ‘Upload total site’.

    • Mouse right click on a category node on the tree to Publish a category.

    • Mouse right click on an entry node to Publish a entry.

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