Installing Web Site Software

Web Site Software runs on your computer where you use it to set up and add content to your blog and build, upload the blog pages that visitors see over the Internet.

To install Web Site Software, you just need to double click on the websitesoftware.exe, which can be found in the program’s main directory. After you have been greeted by the assistant and agreed to the license terms you may choose where the program should be installed on your hard drive. The standard setting, which is proposed by Web Site Software, is inside Window’s program directory. After you have chosen your install path, the software is going to install itself. After a few clicks you are able to launch Web Site Software for the first time.

You install the Web Site Software on your computer. Once Web Site Softeare is installed, you make changes to your site.

If you wanto visitors see your articles over the Internet, You don’t need your own Web server, You can easily contract with a Web hosting provider to “rent” FTP space on a managed Web server.

System Requirements

Web Site Software is software that installs on your Windows computer, and publishing content to FTP server. These system requirements describe what you will need on the Windows client computer and server computer that for FTP upload — users can access the content from nearly any common computer with a web browser.


The specific requirements for Web Site Software vary greatly depending upon the specific traffic and usage patterns being planned for. However, the minimum recommended setup includes a single machine with:

  • 0.5 GHz CPU;
  • 128 MB RAM;
  • 50 MB of available disk space for the application and dependencies.

Typically if the hardware you plan on using was purchased within the last three or four years, it should meet these minimum requirements.

Note on Disk Space: The application itself may require up to 20 MB of disk space. Please note however that this does not include the disk space required for your published blog content. The amount of disk space required for your published content will depend both on the number of blogs you deploy and the amount of data published on each blog.

Operating System

Web Site Software has been is routinely tested on and is supported on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

If you wan to publishing the content on the internet, you also need a FTP server computer.

Before you uploading content to remote FTP server, get the following information from your Web hosting provider or system administrator. If you are the system administrator and you don’t have this information, consult your Web server and database documentation.

  • FTP Host domain or IP address e.g. or
  • FTP port
  • Web server directory path for upload e.g. /home/name/public_html/
  • FTP User name and password

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