Creating and Publishing New Entries

The primary use of Web Site Software is to publish entries to your site. To create and publish a new entry

  • Start software, mouse right-click on a category on the left hand tree, selecate “New Entry”.

    create new entry

  • Save: Clicking the “Save” button will save your entry to your database, and optionally publish it based on the publishing status you've set (see below).

The following entry fields are available in Web Site Software.

  • Entry Title. Use this field to title your entry. It is displayed on your blog using the <ws:EntryTitle> tag.
  • Body. Use this area of the Create Entry screen to compose the body of your entry. Web Site Software Markdown light weight markup language. The body is displayed on your blog using the <ws:EntryBody> tag.

Metadata section

  • Description(Excerpt). Use this field to enter an excerpt for your entry. Description are used in Web Site Software’s default templates to add meta description to the entry page header.

  • Keywords. Use this field to assign keywords to your entry. Keywords are used in Web Site Software’s default templates to add meta keywords to the entry page header, and can be displayed on your blog using the tag <ws:EntryKeywords>

Publishing section

  • Status. Use this option to select the entry’s status, either “Published” or “Unpublished.”

  • Basename. Web Site Software will automatically populate this field with a file basename for your entry. For example, if your entry title is “This is a new post” the entry basename will be “this is a new post” and if your default file extension for entries is set to “html” the full file name of the entry will be “this-is-a-new-post.html”. Basename must unique in your site.

Publish Entry to the internet

Before publishing you have to Compile your entry to your Hard Drive

Mouse right click on an entry node on the tree, chose “Upload Entry”.

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