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Web Site Software is a shareware: distribution and trial are free of charge. If you want to continue to use this software, you must purchase a license.

Trial period is up to 30 days.

If you register …

  • You will not see the shareware notification dialog on startup.
  • You will be qualified to upgrade Web Site Software without any additional fee when new version is released.

Please make sure Web Site Software works fine on your machine. Web Site Software is designed to work with most of Windows PCs(Windows 200/XP/Vista). However, sometimes it might not work well for some reasons; the problem of your hardware driver, some conflict with your system environment, etc. Of course, we will do the best to fix the problem if you report to us. However, your registration is not refundable in any case.


19.95 US$/year license, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

When the payment is done, You will receive a registration license code via e-mail.

How to buy

You can purchase a license at RegNow online store. Go
It’s easy!

You will receive a confirmation of the payment and a registration pass code via e-mail. Generally, It takes less than 12 hours to receive it.

If you do not receive a reply in 12 hours, please contact me. ( )

  1. Run Web Site Software and Click “User Registration” in the “Help” menu

  2. Fill out the information: your name, registration pass code and E-mail address

  3. Click “Register Now” Button.

And if you have any problem through the registration procedure, feel free to contact me. ( )