Add site search to on the top of "Recent Entries"

In Web Site Software version 9.03.16 or later, add Site Search to right side on the web page is easy.

Now, Start your “Web Site Software” and go to:

  1. Menu: Tools, Options
  2. Insert HTML
  3. Sidebar
  4. Beta Columns Right Top
  5. Paste in your site search code, for example:

     <form action="" method="get">
     <input name="sitesearch" value="" type="hidden">
     <input name="ie" value="UTF-8" type="hidden">
     <input onfocus="if( this.value=='') {this.value='' };" size="20" name="q" id="query" value="" type="text">
     <input name="Search" value="Search" attr="value" type="submit">
     <input name="hl" value="en-US" type="hidden">
  6. Click on “Apply” button to save the page

  7. Compile your site
  8. Simple!

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